Symposium on Palaeontological Preparation and Conservation

SPPC is a forum that welcomes professionals, amateurs and researchers interested in all aspects of preparation, conservation, model-making and related subjects

SPPC 2020 will take place on the 16th September in the Conservation Centre at the Natural History Museum. It will begin with a number of oral and poster presentations. After the tea break, delegates will be taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Natural History Museum’s research and conservation laboratories with Mark Graham, Senior Preparator at the NHM. After lunch, SPPC delegates can attend the SVPCA’s Symposium on Contributions of the British Fossil Record to Palaeobiology.

Registration for SPPC is £10 for the day, and includes the SVPCA Symposium. To register, please click on the SVPCA registration link and select SPPC. To submit an abstract, please follow the SVPCA abstract submission link and select the SPPC option. Please note: if you wish to attend SVPCA and SPPC, you will need to select both conferences in the registration box. Registration for SVPCA does not automatically give you entry to SPPC. If you wish to attend the SVPCA icebreaker in the evening, you must register for SVPCA.

Recent years have seen a drop in attendance at SPPC and the future of this symposium has subsequently been called into question. SPPC 2020 will be pivotal in determining the future existence of the symposium, and we hope that you will support the conference this year if you would like to see it continue.

SPPC is co-organised by the SVPCA organising committee and the Geological Curators’ Group.

The SVPCA Organising Committee are grateful to Emma Nicholls for her hard work to ensure that SPPC 2020 goes ahead

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